Malcolm Bangs

Malcolm’s approach to Coaching is extremely personable and driven to provide as much information to those he is working with in the hope that he can help them achieve their sporting goals and dreams.

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Malcolm Bangs Tackles & Takedowns

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a Session(s) Cost?
    Session costs are variable due to the demands of customers being different. My aim is to not only provide the very best tackling Session(s) you can find, but also deliver value for money.
  • How many sessions do you recommend?
    The answer to this question is based on the wants/intentions of Coaches and Clubs. Most of whom said ideally it would be 3. Pre-season, Mid-Season, Pre-Finals/Finals. However, a single 2 hour session will provide more than enough skills and drills to practice throughout the season in preparation of the next level of skills.
  • What’s involved / How long is a Session?
    Dependent upon age group/length of time etc. An initial session will generally include multiple tackling techniques, bodywork, safe contact skills and more. Generally, for younger age groups 45-60 min sessions are the norm. With Youth & Senior Sessions generally running between 90 – 120 mins.
  • What age groups do you work with?
    All age groups and levels. Even if tackling is not permitted within the competition’s age group, the introduction to Safe Efficient and Effective Tackling & Contact skills is beneficial. It also ensures that the players are Contact & Tackle ready for when they do reach tackling age groups.

What they say

Cameron Guthrie

In my experience as a footballer, tackling and contact is often overlooked as a skill that can be learned and practised. Recognising this, Bangsy has created a program that effectively teaches the fundamentals in this important part of our game. By breaking the specific skills down into smaller parts, the players learn the correct methods of tackling and contact to maximise success and reduce the risk of injury. Personally, Bangsy has helped to really improve my tackling technique with both drills and after match feedback. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the footballing world and myself and my teammates thoroughly enjoy his coaching!

Mark Blicavs

Bangsy has helped me with simple fundamentals and messaging when tackling. Channel, get in close, hit, drive with momentum. Our Confidence to nail the tackles comes with the training we do and he has given us that confidence!

Tayla Harris

Bangsy has helped me improve my knowledge on best tackling practices. Plenty of useful drills that can be done with minimal equipment. In games I feel stronger and more effective when tackling.