What does a session cost?

The cost of sessions varies based on the unique needs and preferences of clubs, teams, and athletes. My primary goal is to provide unparalleled tackling and contact skills training tailored to the specified requirements, ensuring that you receive substantial value for your investment. Prices are determined by considering the specific demands involved in delivering what has become known as the country’s best Contact and Tackling program. Each session can be  customized to ensure your satisfaction.

How long is a session?

For the first session, it’s typically advisable to schedule a minimum duration of 45 minutes for younger groups and 75 minutes for youth and senior groups. On average, most clubs book initial sessions lasting between 60 to 75 minutes for younger groups and 90 to 120 minutes for older groups.

The primary focus is on ensuring comprehensive skill coverage and maximizing engagement. The initial session’s length presents an opportunity to introduce fundamental program skills, establishing a solid foundation for skill development. Additionally, allocating more time allows for the introduction of a wider range of skills, fostering a more thorough exploration and promoting faster expansion of the program over time.

What does a session involve?

An initial session typically involves teaching basic rolling and falling skills alongside safe, efficient, and effective tackling and bumping techniques. Depending on the session’s duration, introductory aspects of corralling, timing, and basic grappling for football may also be included. All these skills are accompanied by fundamental craft-based drills and activities to illustrate their application.

During these initial sessions, there’s generally minimal highly combative or competitive drills since players are in the process of learning new technical skills that form part of an overarching program. As players gradually master the technical fundamentals of these techniques over time, the competitive aspects of drills can be increased.

How many sessions do you recommend?

A single introductory session provides an ample amount of skills and drills to practice throughout the season, preparing for further skill development in subsequent sessions. However, many coaches suggest an ideal structure of three sessions: Pre-Season, Mid-Season, and Pre-Finals/Finals.

It’s important to note that multiple sessions per year would greatly benefit teams that consistently practice the techniques taught. This approach not only allows for brief revision of techniques and concepts but also facilitates a quicker and smoother progression of the overall program’s topics, skills, and concepts.

What age groups do you work with?

All age groups and levels. Introducing Safe, Efficient, Effective Tackling & Contact skills holds immense value, even if tackling isn’t allowed in the competition’s age group. This introduction offers players the chance to develop strong technical habits early, which gradually become reflexive through consistent practice over time.

My personal and professional recommendation stems from the belief that this early exposure lays the groundwork for players to be prepared for Contact & Tackle requirements once they transition to age groups where tackling is permitted.