Cameron Guthrie

In my experience as a footballer, tackling and contact is often overlooked as a skill that can be learned and practised.
Recognising this, Bangsy has created a program that effectively teaches the fundamentals in this important part of our game.
By breaking the specific skills down into smaller parts, the players learn the correct methods of tackling and contact to maximise success and reduce the risk of injury.
Personally, Bangsy has helped to really improve my tackling technique with both drills and after match feedback.
He brings a wealth of knowledge to the footballing world and myself and my teammates thoroughly enjoy his coaching!

Mark Blicavs

Bangsy has helped me with simple fundamentals and messaging when tackling. Channel, get in close, hit, drive with momentum.

Our Confidence to nail the tackles comes with the training we do and he has given us that confidence!

Tayla Harris

Bangsy has helped me improve my knowledge on best tackling practices. Plenty of useful drills that can be done with minimal equipment. In games I feel stronger and more effective when tackling.

Kate Hore

I absolutely loved working with Bangsy in my last off-season. I’m always looking at ways to improve, and tackling is a component of the game that can be a real point of difference when done well. The technique, body positioning and little tips and tricks Bangsy teaches as part of his sessions have been able to translate really well on the footy field and have helped make physicality a strength of my game.

Libby Birch

In 2021, I needed to take my game to the next level so I began doing 1 on 1 sessions with Mal.

Malcolm has been unbelievable at adding extra components to my game at the elite level. His creative mindset keeps training challenging and very specific to personal growth areas.

You are not only getting a specialist coach, but a friend that will help you right through your journey as a footballer.

Gab Pound

Bangsy has been a great mentor and joy to work with over many years. He’s the ultimate professional, is easy going and absolutely full of tips and tricks.

He’s personally been a massive help in my footballing journey. As someone who’s quite often outsized by opponents, Bangsy has helped me realise that a couple of tricks can go a long way, as well as believing the fight within.

I’ve learned to use my body using simple science (as a fellow science nerd), to understand how to manipulate and create advantages over opponents. Playing contact sports also means being able use my body in a safe way for myself and others – he’s been huge with this and I can’t thank Bangsy enough!

Gryan Miers

Bangsy has helped me progress in my tackling massively, when I first arrived at Geelong I was timid to tackle the bigger bodies and would fall for constant ball fakes. Bangsy has helped teach me how to watch the hips, stay low and use my power in the tackle to prevent getting stepped and being able to confidently take down all sizes of players.

Kaitlyn Ashmore

Defensive pressure is something that I really wanted to build on in my game. With Malcolm’s skills and knowledge, I have advanced that area of my game and it is now one of my better qualities.
He has boosted my confidence in tackling, blocking and outworking the opposition in contested situations which I can’t thank him enough. I look forward to working with Mal again in the future.

Stephanie Chiocci

Malcolm is an expert in his field. His ability to teach the fundamentals of tackling is exceptional. Appropriate for all age levels and sport specific. He has been beneficial for me personally as well as my teammates.

Madeline Keryk

I’ve worked with Malcolm for years and I haven’t met anyone who better understands the mechanics of tackling and how to effectively drop your opponent.