Emma Kearney

Since being coached by Malcolm, I have learnt many different tackling styles, as well as, strategies to break tackles. This has helped me take my game to the next level.

Louise Stephenson

I’ve been taught by Malcolm many times over my football career, from U18 TAC Calder Cannons level to Victorian Women’s Academy, VFLW at Melbourne University, and AFL at Western Bulldogs. Not only is Malc an outstanding teacher, he is also highly driven toward improving each individual. His teaching points are clear, concise and extremely knowledgeable. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in AFL, his tackling sessions are always entertaining and enjoyable, and you can walk away knowing you’ve again dramatically advanced a crucial part of your game. Malcolm has worked to get the best out of my tackling for years, and has been an integral part in my journey to becoming an AFLW player. I can’t thank him enough for his passion and dedication towards myself and the team. I highly recommend Malcolm to any team wanting to improve their game.

Sarah Dargan

I’ve worked with Malcolm during my youth girls years and he was a game changer. He’s one of the few people who knew how to teach an effective safe tackle. Since then, my tackling has changed completely. I can now confidently make a strong tackles but also a safe ones.

Renee Garing

I loved the way Bangsy explained finding a point in front of an opponent where you would intersect when they are moving at pace rather than just being reactionary and falling behind. I also found it helpful to learn about using your body to both break and lay a safe and effective tackle from different start points.