Welcome to the Ultimate Contact & Tackling Program by Malcolm Bangs: Elevate Your Team’s Performance!

At the heart of every successful club and team lies the foundation of effective contact and tackling skills. That’s where our fully adaptable program comes into play, tailored to meet the unique needs of your Club, Team, and Players. Whether you’re looking to reduce injuries, enhance tackling techniques, or cultivate a culture of excellence, our program has you covered.

Unveiling the Program: Our program is more than just a series of drills; it’s a comprehensive approach designed to empower both players and coaching staff. We go beyond the ‘what’ and ‘how,’ delving into the ‘why’ behind each technique. This means participants not only learn the skills but also understand the rationale, fostering a deeper connection to the training.

Driving Development: Our developmentally driven approach ensures that your team’s tackling skills are not only honed but also evolve over time. Regular training becomes the catalyst for consistent improvement and growth.

  • The Pillars of Excellence:
    • Tackling Mastery: From foundational techniques to advanced strategies, we cover it all. Boost your players’ confidence in their tackling abilities and elevate their performance on the field.
    • Team Unity: Our program goes beyond individual skills, fostering teamwork and camaraderie. When players train together, they become a cohesive unit, amplifying their effectiveness on game day.
    • Crisp Focus: Fatigue can dull even the sharpest minds. We equip your team with tools to maintain clarity and focus under pressure, ensuring they make the right decisions in critical moments.
    • Versatility: Our program extends beyond tackling, incorporating elements of grappling and wrestling tailored specifically for football. This adds an extra dimension to your team’s skill set.
    • Thriving Under Pressure: The true test of skill is performing when it matters most. Our training hones performance under pressure, giving your team the edge in high-stakes situations.
    • Injury Prevention: Safety is paramount. Our safety-focused approach promotes injury reduction, addressing concerns such as concussions and ACL injuries.
    • Contested Excellence: Success in football hinges on winning contested situations. We empower your team with the techniques to dominate one-on-one battles.
    • Core Strength Advantage: Effective use of core strength and stability is a game-changer. Our program teaches your players how to harness this power for peak performance.

Meet Malcolm: Malcolm Bangs, renowned as an industry leader in Contact & Tackling Skills. His experience and innovative methods have earned him the reputation as one of, if not the best in the country. Now, you too can tap into Malcolm’s expertise and revolutionize your team’s approach to contact and tackling.

Don’t miss out on learning how to #getyourtackleon safely, effectively and efficiently. Get in touch now.

“Malcolm consistently demonstrated investment in our players and a high level of technical expertise. His ability to relate with athletes and coaches and his passion for teaching transferable skills is exemplary”

Simon Lloyd – General Manager of Football. Geelong Football Club

Jiu-Jitsu / Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are two of the fastest growing sports, not only in Australia, but the World. Takedowns, Trips and Throws are an integral part of both sports and can be used effectively to gain points as well as set up ground work options such as submissions.

Malcolm Bangs has taught Judo based Takedowns, Gi gripping techniques and strategies to BJJ clubs and athletes. Basic, efficient, effective throws, trips, sweeps and strategies to improve the standing game. All skills taught are specifically selected to gain points and result in a dominant position to work from. For over 10 years he has worked with numerous clubs and athletes including State, National, International competitors and medalists, including  World Champions.

Malcolm’s Takedowns for No Gi / MMA have been used by several MMA clubs as a part of their program curriculum. The program teaches effective throws, trips and sweeps suitable for No Gi competitions & MMA. It also serves to educate the athlete in being thrown, thus encouraging safe landing which will naturally aide in reduction of injury.

Malcolm’s extensive Judo experience – specifically his personal competitive style which features elite expertise in Leg Picks and Kata-garuma (fireman’s carry) variations which are perfect for the BJJ and MMA standing game.

“Malcolm Bangs was not only an outstanding competitor but is also a world class teacher. I have trained under many instructors in many disciplines all over the world and Malcolm is up there with the best.

His simple approach to complicated technique makes it easy to understand and learn.”

Kit Dale – BJJ World Champion

The perfect option to refine your skills, and address the specifics you want to train – at your pace. Whether it is tackling or grappling, you are sure to get the most out of a Tailored session at my personal Dojo (Training Studio) – Bangs Dojo in Ferntree Gully.

Boasting a sprung floor, covered with the highest quality Fuji Mats. Bangs Dojo is the perfect place to increase the physicality in a safe and effective way for Football. As well as learn, refine and test your Throws, Trips and Takedowns for Judo, BJJ & MMA. All Tailored 1-1 and Small Group Sessions are held at Bangs Dojo. Bookings are essential.

AFL & AFLW Athletes, World Champions & Olympians Train Here.